Friday, 14 August 2009

The sea in mist

Sunday morning I finally had caught up on my lack of sleep and woke up early, put on clothes suitable for the 'they see you as soon as you left your bunk bed' caravan site public and went to the sea.

I don't know when sunrise is here currently - Germany seems rather dark in summer, but it wasn't that long after and there wasn't any sun really... only fog. Beautifully, eery seafog. Don't know what the local words for it are. Nobody was up yet, all was quiet and so it was just me, the sea, the fog and a very shy sun playing with the mist.

I took quite a few photos and I think these will go somewhere with another medium.

California Seaside

California Seaside

California Seaside

There's another impression I want to capture, though there are no photos of it, but Ate filmed it - on Monday afternoon on our last swimming outing the day was very overcast, very humid and close as close can be. There was no horizon line between the sea and the sky, it was warm but not many went swimming. The sea was absolutely still and you could swim out far, lie still in the water and observe how water and sky became one.

As we lay in the water, trying not to move, Ate dreamt of an underwater camera and I of a painting kit for while in water.


Jeanette Jobson said...

I know just the type of day you write about and your images show it well.

There is no thing quite so mesmerizing as sea fog giving you glimpses of the world, then taking it away again.

Your photos are lovely. The composition with the sea grasses? is great.

Unknown said...

DJ's prosaic factual feedback - see for sunrise/sunset info - sunrise is probably about 06.30 am.

Gesa said...

Jeanette - I am very envious that you're able to witness these days so often. They are fantastic - exaclty: glimpses offered and taken away. All the while stillness falls from the sky.

Hi DeeJay and thanks for the link and info!