Saturday, 12 September 2009

In colour: squares

Having arrived back home on Monday night, I quickly realised:

I could do a paired series to the White Room.

Simply not of someone else's flat somewhere but of mine now. No: it's not that I 'could' do this. There's little choice, I feel. I simply have to. The start:

In colour: square 1, 10x10cm, Soft pastel on board

In colour: square 2, 10x10cm, Soft pastel on board

In colour: square 3, 10x10cm, Soft pastel on board


Anonymous said...

Gesa those colours are fabulous. I love how you seem to get real texture into your pastel paintings.

Brian McGurgan said...

Ah, good, you are still at it! I was afraid you'd be stopping or slowing down tremendously... These are great, Gesa - they've got a wonderful impasto, tactile quality and the vibrant colors really sing.

Gesa said...

Thank you, Cath! - Hm, the texture has a lot to do with some acrylics/pumice mix, applied with a knife. But this one is rather dusty too, which adds to that, I think.

Brian - yes :) - that was indeed something I considered last weekend... but this here just made me do some more art, I couldn't quite help it.

Adding the cadmiums and ultramarine (via Kahn) really did something quite exciting to my palette... am needing to experiment much more though to be able to quieten them a bit more skillfully.

Chris Bellinger said...

Once a artist always a artist really Glad that you are painting

Gesa said...

cheers, chris, a brief interlude so far, but am optimistic that i'll have good setup by late november :)