Sunday, 6 September 2009


... let's finish on a high.

Yesterday was such a high, so it's quite fitting. It is also quite fitting seeing that today is the last day among the heather and the birch, and it's almost the last day of my summer in Germany. I will spend another day with I. in Berlin and then I'll be back in Glasgow.

About this time of year I will begin to really long for painting to start again: I'm getting bored with the many quick sketches and would want a studio space with some oils, with Irene, Tom and Chris and Irene's Saturday morning coffee and biscuits.

Hm. This won't happen this year. Along with the heather, birch and summer ending, my two visible main constants for the past 10 years will radically shapeshift. - I thought about them 'ending' but that's not strictly true. They may become a bit unrecognisable, though.

But it's all good and all part of my resolution to take serious the things and people that need taking serious. This blog, Irene and much else that has been part of the past five years will belong to that. Another part of that is going to be to undo some of the distance of the past ten years. So, I'm very much looking forward to I. & Gesa's 'How was your summer 2009, dear' video session this evening or tomorrow morning. Because the summer was good, very good indeed.

Well... and this blog really works best when it has some art attached to it, I think. But, with all the change there won't be much art over the next 2-4 months. What this will mean for the blog, I don't quite know yet: I'm far too fond of it, to let it disappear; but I also know that it works best for me, if I write frequently; yet: without much art in the making, I worry about what else I will find (and I will usually find something) to write about... so, it's a bit uncertain: silence? infrequent posting? hopefully not too much ranting or head-up-backsideness...

There are two small projects on the go... a book illustration and a research/art experiment in my department. There are also more thoughts on the White room and other bits and pieces... but I'm unsure about the time, enough headspace and calmness for giving them the space they need, thus: all of the above.

Wish me luck. Take care. And hope to catch you some time soon!

Did I mention the high? Two of them, in fact:

1. Gesa gets to see de Stael's art in real life. Two of them at once even. Two late landscapes at once even. Ohohoh.... circle, circle, circle around the two small pieces, sketch them, touch them (unfortunately: behind glass), and sneak some photos. ... They aren't good, the photos - well, in fact: they are positively rubbish... but I've seen them irl, so they suffice :)

Nicholas de Stael, Face au Havre, 1952
oil on board, Sprengelmuseum Hannover

Nicholas de Stael, Paysage 1952,
oil on canvas, Sprengelmuseum Hannover

How exciting.

2. Oh, and then some fireworks at night for my dad's birthday outing.
Happy birthday, Karsten... and a very good year! But I think the year has been good so far for you too. And I'm glad.


Someone from the southwest said...

Yeah: Fireworks! Cool!
Sieht nach maltesischer Machart aus!?
Hatten die auch ihre berühmten Feuerräder im Einsatz?
Die Musik war bestimmt nicht so knülle... zu viele dominante Streicher, hätten sich ein paar gute Soundtracks nehmen sollen und von nem echten DJ mixen lassen. (Aber nicht von DJ Cutie/Qtips)

Brian McGurgan said...

Best of luck, indeed, Gesa. I do hope you'll find time in the busy months ahead to continue with your art as you can and that you'll post it however infrequently. Hopefully you'll progress on your two projects as well in the coming months. Best wishes!

Jala Pfaff said...

Yay, she saw some de Staels! :D (I'm jealous.)

Gesa said...

hahaha... ja... doll beworbene malteser sonnenraeder, die dann nicht funkten :)... hoffe, du bist gut gelandet und woche war ok? hier auch... :)

Jala - yes!!! And the Tate is next on my list for de Stael :)

Brian - many thanks for the good wishes... I can use them and will see what happens once the air is cleared here...