Sunday, 29 August 2010

cluck cluck

... the orange of the previous template was hurting my eyes just a little bit.

so. here's a new theme. and a rudimentary animation of some chicken (yes... they are chicken) as they picked after oat cakes in kew gardens a few weeks ago.

cluck cluck the chicken moves. here and there.
what's it after?
paint. pastel. pain. the pastoral.

cluck cluck in vain


Casey Klahn said...

How much fun is this? Hilarious, Gesa!

Your talent in many things is tremendous. Glad to see you posting, and doing, graphite works. The cranes image reminds me of so many artists from the sixties - quite a (nice) flashback.

bridget Hunter said...

I agree! I love these studies. They capture perfectly the actions of these birds.