Sunday, 21 October 2007

Art sale debriefing

Earlier today I went back to the art sale to pick up the unsold paintings. I had known of two to have sold until Saturday lunch time. One was the one gone before we arrived at the preview, the other one was bought by my friend's mother for her. Marilyn had helped me take the paintings to the show on Thursday night and really liked the yellow one. The other two hadn't sold but I figured that was still pretty good to sell half of mine.

When we went on Friday night, we had a good look around - there were about 240 paintings, mostly acrylics, some oils and some watercolours. There were very few pastels. Most of the paintings were in small formats - maybe up to 40x50cm. As for subjects, about half were landscapes with the others equally divided between still life and portrait/figure drawing. Almost exclusively, the subjects were rendered in a representational to realist style. It was only two other artists whose landscapes were explicitly taken up abstract elements.

When my friend and I were there on Friday, she suggested to hang out around my paintings. The paintings weren't actually hung together but spread across the room - I am not quite sure if there was any reason behind the hanging, but felt it was a bit unfortunate that it wasn't one person's work to look at together. Yet, two of mine were closeish together in one corner. So, Hilda and I sat down there with our glasses of wine.

And indeed some of the people would talk about my paintings. We ended up talking to one woman who really liked one of them, and she and her friends had already found the other of my paintings and noticed that one was missing. She didn't like the title - textured wall seemed far to prosaic to her, I think. But it was her and her friend's interest in my paintings that really made my evening. That was such a nice kind of feedback to get - thank you so much!!! I gave her one of my cards, and I think she and her partner were back the next morning when my other friend was there too.

PS: as for the photos... there were people there, too ;) Just not on my photos...

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