Saturday, 20 October 2007

Textured Wall # 2

Textured Wall #2, 50x70 cm
Pastel on board
Gesa Helms 2007

I realise that I did never post write about this painting though it has been part of the sidebar for a long time.

I only framed it this week and took it straight from the framer to the drop off for the art sale. They hung it, but by the time we came to the sale it had already disappeared to its new home. So, my first painting to hang somewhere I don't know. Funny feeling, but quite nice, really.

The painting was done on primed Bristol board, with an acrylic underpainting and plenty of yellow, red and earth coloured acrylic paint and ink splashes before I started with the pastels. There are a few directional clues and markers in there: edges and ceiling corners which could easily read as something else entirely. The relative smoothness of the primed (with pumice powder) Bristol board makes a much softer work surface than my other boards that tend to be a lot coarser. Still, there is plenty of tooth to grip the pastels.

The ultramarine underpainting and the related soft pastel hues make this one rather calm and balanced - an effect that the earthy beiges, red-browns complement further. All the while, the red and yellow splashes shine through, create texture and markings that add interest and movement - not just along the corner lines but also across the whole painting.


William F. Renzulli said...

This is a great painting...the texture, composition, and the colors...they all work!!

William Renzulli

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