Wednesday, 27 February 2008

I found something

today... while walking up the hill to work I came across this... walked back and picked it up.

How lucky is that?

A rusty old key. Just there on the pavement. While I was looking at that little spot of cobalt paint that splashed onto my trainers a few weeks back.


littlemithi said...

Uuuuu ... I love finding things like that (I doesn't happen often enough!) By the way thanks for the comments ... glad you're enjoying my college posts - art college is fun - but it sure doesn't look like you need any coaching!

Gesa said...

hehehe - yes, me too! Definitely... and it doesn't seem to happen that rarely either... jammy me... all the while my brother is the one who wins competitions and stuff... i just stumble across things.
With the college projects, it's a good part of envy on my side for having the time to do all these projects - and some coaching, in particular if it's good one, is always nice. :)

Yellow said...

Hubby calls me a magpie, because I'm forever picking stuff it.