Saturday, 10 May 2008

Proudly announcing: our summer exhibition

I've been busy off-line, or rather off-blog. But it's all be for good reasons.

Here is the first look at our flyer for the Eldon Group Summer Exhibition. It's going into print this week, along with postcards etc. And I will give you some intro to the others in my art group. I am excited about this group exhibition coming together - and will easily talk about it non-stop. That easily avoided with this:

Eldon Group Summer Exhibition 2008


Casey Klahn said...

Very attractive flyer. Exciting stuff!

Chris Bellinger said...

first i have been meaning to say that the school where I a am studying for my B.A is housed in a building called Eldon!
also i am not entirly convinced by the co;our sceme you have chosen for you flyer(sorry))
It will get noticed it yellow on blue? because if so yellow has disabilty issues when peple have to read it!
if Green I have a thing against green in media at the moment!
Hope that is ok I wish you well with the show!!

Gesa said...

Thanks to you two. Well: the street where the building we meet in is called Eldon: so it's a very traditional way of naming.
The colour scheme isn't mine but I love the way it looks on paper: it's not yellow but lime green, which I do love as a colour... thanks for your comments, Chris - they are appreciated, as are the good wishes!