Thursday, 5 June 2008

In the post... this time:

David's Moley and his Tango dancers

David's Moley from our Moleskine Exchange. His theme of Dancing is the one I'm slightly worried about: it clearly shouts: Gesa, draw figures! at me. And not just any old figures, but people dancing.
Hm, well... maybe it doesn't. I need to think about this for a while. David's Tango dancers in oil pastels are an excellent start, so I could digress to: oil pastels, blue, Spain, Flamenco, castagnettes, sound... I'm sure I'll find some more associations.

BTW: to my Flamenco-dancing friends: how about some pics from your last show? And I could go into Portraiture commissioning. Or maybe not, I don't think anyone would pay me for that. LOL.


vivien said...

I agree - this is a challenging one!

I really like the look of these :>)

daviddrawsandpaints said...

You are on the right 'lines', Gesa.
I know drawing figures for you and Vivien (and others) isn't that easy, but you can spin off into associations, particularly musical ones, and even treat the subject more abstractly like you have been doing with the de Stael landscapes. Now that would be fascinating!
Thanks to both of you for the positive responses. It is a great relief to me that you like my sketch. I worry that people will be disappointed!
ps: it wasn't oil pastels, Gesa, which I find very hard to use, but 'Neocolours' by Caran d'Ache which are water soluble, although I never actually use them that way.

littlemithi said...

Cool! Maybe some of those ballroom dancing foot diagrams might be a way of going about it ...

Gesa said...

Psst, Mithi... great minds think alike. That was my first thought and I already found some good diagrams of tango steps and Flamenco sequences. That's so funny that you suggested this.