Tuesday, 22 July 2008

And off into the horizon again

... not westwards as this view towards Barra but to the East today.

Trawler and Barra
Trawler and Barra, Ink and neo ii in Moleskine (21x13cm)

I'll leave you to my blog's autopilot for a wee while. I'm curious how that will work. I am very much a 'write post and post it now' person. While I had initially prepared many draft posts, I found I never really went back to most of them - despite having promised tutorials on clouds gazing etc. So, when Blogger introduced the auto-post for future dates function I pretty much ignored it. Somehow I do like the idea of writing something to store for future publication. But my liking of that is pretty much abstract and remained abstract rather than practical. So, I'm curiously watching from afar as Blogger will be spouting out a few prepared post. And don't get cross if I don't reply to the posted comments immediately - but I'm never too quick with that one anyway.

See you soon.

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