Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Swapping if not selling

Gestalten II by Tom Bush
Acrylic on Board
In my living room

I mentioned that Tom and I had arranged to swap paintings at the exhibition. And since then, this one has been providing a much coveted focal point on my wall. Gestalten II by Tom Busch.

I love it. Love it since I watched him creating, constructing, making it over weeks. Gestalten I is much stronger in hue, primaries against a cool green (have a look at this photo on flickr here where they hang side by side). Tom has a great ability to construct depth and play with shapes and colours. Well - that is how they ended up being Gestalten. Him, Michael and I discussed it. There is of course Gestalt Therapy.

But for me, Gestalten - figures, shapes - are ghostly, they are there and they aren't, come and go, you blink and they are gone. Friendly ghosts are now living in my living room.

And Tom, who's originally from London and moved up to Glasgow years ago, took great delight in providing not only a German title but a German name: Busch, instead of Bush, which did indeed confuse a good few people.

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