Saturday, 26 July 2008

Listen to the Sands

More Singing Sands
More Singing Sands, 34x24cm Pastel on Board

The beaches here
They sing.
Loud and clear
They are dry and
You walk on them with bare feet

The most beautiful sound they make
In concert with the tide that is moving in.

Even the gulls are in awe and fall into tune.


vivien said...

my kind of subject! I love this - the wind blows and there's a great sense of place

Yellow said...

I want to climb over the cliff in the distance where it meets the sky. This is fantastic.

Gesa said...

Cheers! I did a few more pastel sketches... will post shortly, but this one works pretty well, I think. And the sands sung indeed!
Steph: why don't you... Rum is supposed to be a great place for walking - and even less people than on Eigg.

Casey Klahn said...