Saturday, 2 August 2008

Onwards again...

Travelling is good fun. My bags are packed again and my cosmopolitan interlude is again swapped (just typed swamped there... must have been a Freudian slip) for some rurality.

I'll go and have another look at the winter fields and my painting subjects for the past six months. I know those fields so well, and am all the same very curious what they will be like this summer.

The sketch book has been quiet over the last week but to be honest, I need to get a new one - this one has only a couple of pages left. Looks as if I'm saving them... but for what I wonder?

In any case... back to the countryside is a good chance to post another one of the Small Isles pastels - different feel, different summer, differen location: well: sea! But close nonetheless.

On Muck
On Muck, Soft pastel on Board, 24x34cm

There's nothing awfy analytical about what I'm doing here at the moment, a bit of summer breeze and that's it. However, a good few thoughts on ink, sketchbooks and the limited palette pastel kit are accumulating in the background. Just a little more patience.


Brian McGurgan said...

Gesa, I'm really enjoying these pastels - wonderful rich color with a nice balance of lights and darks, and I do love your use of purples.

Gesa said...

Thank you, Brian! Yes, purple, my hands keep wandering to them sticks. I haven't really been using the pastels for sketches much this year and this series of six or seven was such a joy. It's something which comes easy without being lazy.