Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Rural romance

... or something like that.

My mum fell for my attempt at avoiding clichees. Well, she did for a wee while. She liked the high contrast foreground. I offered the sketch to her. She thought about it until yesterday afternoon. Then she says, "You know what, Gesa, I never really liked the view to Frau Fischer's garden all that much, I think I don't want that view in my living room. But I really do like something in orange.'

I smiled. And thought of Frau Fischer's son, my neighbour, known him for twenty years since we moved to this place. Last week, my friend I. visited for a couple of days, and we went for a walk at sunset and moonrise, to show her THE fields. Well, she's been here before, but it's a long time ago. Anyways, we were walking down the small road and some tractor's busy ploughing the fields. I was a bit annoyed, it's a field that figures in many of the winter sketches, it triangular in shape and is just awesomely pretty, so some bare soil just was not cutting it for the picture I had in my mind.

More moon

So, my neighbour was ploughing the field, late in the evening as the full moon was rising. My friend and I keep chatting, walking, more chatting, stopping, more chatting etc etc.... on the way back, we're near the tractor. My neigbhour stops: "OMG, Gesa, I haven't seen you for years, what are you doing here", so he goes. Well drunk, his plough not only hits the field but also the path, the bramble bushes, he narrowly misses the telephone pole. He keeps talking and then muses, with the rising moon, how sitting on a tractor is good, really good, in fact as good as sex, well almost, he qualifies with an afterthought.

Fields at sunset

Well, and on he went, across the path, the bramble bushes and the fields, ploughing as the moon rose. There you go, plenty of romance in the idyllic countryside. Now, where are my bags? Time for packing again. One more post tomorrow and then I'll be gone again. Who would have thought that almost three weeks in the middle of fields, tractors and plenty of mosquitos pass so quickly.

Fields at sunset

There's a PS for my friend M. who will get this in her email delivery. She will smile, remember last year's posts from the fields (like this one here) and think, yes, my dear, now it's time to go soon. I will. I did my homework while I was here.

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