Monday, 11 August 2008

So easily pleased

... she is. Do you want to see why?

Field 1

Field 2

A few pictures taken just at the time at the sun hits the top of the clouds... That's all there is here. Nothing more. Oh: well, and of course a field of corn and some harvested wheat fields. Not much going on around here.

And now I definitely need to go looking for the turps in the barn to get some pastel ground prepared. I keep missing the mornings but the evening light is fab here. So much friendlier than what I remember from the winter sketches. Well: eight months and two seasons further on. And more than forty sketches and paintings on the subject in the meantime.

Sun on Clouds 2

Still surprises me how I end up circulating around these rather boring fields... hm...


my croft said...

If I recall... Monet had a similar interest in rather boring haystacks, and pond flowers, and the odd church. At least you leave the house from time to time, unlike Bonnard.

Gesa said...

Hahaha... this made me laugh, Melanie. There's of course also Morandi, whom I'm rather fond of, and he happily stuck to a table full of bottles for a lifetime...