Monday, 8 September 2008

Remember these ones: Coloured Squares

Pale blue on Umber, original oil painting 4”x4”

Green on Green, Original Oil painting 4x4"

Purple on Umber, original oil painting 4”x4”
Various Coloured Squares, 10x10cm in wooden frame
Oil on Canvas board

They were done as part of the early colour investigations before all those fields in oil earlier this year..

I had six of them framed in a wooden, deep, double frame before the exhibition in June. Small squares they are quite impressive that way.

On my list for things to do this autumn was the concerted effort to recoup some of my extortionate framing costs from before the June exhibition.

So, all my paintings - small and large (if they are not going to some local sales/exhibitons) - are being put onto Etsy. I've also promised myself to do the same with the various plein air sketches I've done for the past 18 months or so. Vivien's shop opening prompted me to grit my teeth and write up descriptions for various things. And the first new items to go in are the Coloured Squares.

Here's my shop:

And these are direct links to the six different Coloured Squares:

And, I'm diverging from my straightfoward naming conventions of anything serial. So, rather than merely calling these CS#23 or thereabouts, they are COLOUR on COLOUR.

Dark green on Lime, original oil painting 4”x4”
Dark Green on Lime
Oil on canvas board, 10x10cm


vivien said...

thanks for the link :>)

these look great

and framing costs? < shudder > they are scary and though I love working on paper they put me off a little, especially as I simply don't work to standard sizes :>(

Good luck with the sales

Gesa said...

Cheers, Vivien.
Yes - I know: framing costs. There'll be a bit money left if I sell these ;)
I've got a very good framer here, annd they are reasonably cheap. For some of the smaller stuff I started to cut my own mountboards, that works ok. With these it was part curiosity to see how they look like framed - and that they can turn into something so different by framing.

Kari Gibson said...

Ahhh, framing, such a huge cost. I wish I had the space/equipment/time to do my own.

Good luck with the shop!

Gesa said...

Thanks, Kari - and also thanks for your email. Yes: space to do it myself sounds good.