Sunday, 21 September 2008

What ARE we???

Prints Project 1.2
Monotype on paper, 15x20cm
Masked negative

Prints Project 1.2
Monotype on paper, 15x20cm

Prints Project 1.2
Monotype on paper, 15x20cm
Masked positive

... besides the first working examples of my masked monotype experiments?

Do you know? They are representations of something, but of what? I've been quickly filling the washing lines spun across my flat, so if you know what they are: leave a comment and the first one with a right answer will get one of them sent.

Now... more printing...


Yellow said...

runner beans & foliage? Whatever it it, I like it. It's doing the whole negative-positive space to me depending on the background/foreground colour.

Kari Gibson said...

I feel it is something organic. A chrysalis hanging from a withered leaf perhaps?

Great experiments - what are you using as a press?

Gesa said...

Cheers, you two. Yes - I was surprised too to see how effective the pos/neg space thing works. This was the first one of my images I tried, I did a couple others after and they don't work half as well.

Now, what's a chrysalis - ok, found it on image google, no... it's not what it is; similarly, it isn't runner beans either. But organic: YES; Leaves: YES; any closer? Let me post some more when I get round to it - but any gap between actual and representation may well be my inability in seeing, drawing, cutting, printing ;)

Press: patience, hands, fingers, nails, a roller and a barren... the beauty with the course is that it doesn't need a press, so any transfer is handmade; I'm really curious about embossing; and the negative masks actually do get a bit of embossing if I'm careful, but for doing it properly, I really need a press. Part of my plan is to go back to the Print Studio once I've got more of a clue of what I want to do with the printmaking - and to use their equipment; it's a great studio space...