Tuesday, 4 November 2008

And the plan involves...

some of this tomorrow:

Mark Rothko: The Late Series Exhibition at the Tate Modern


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Can't wait... an afternoon with Rothko. And I need to sit on that bench again which allows you to look at Pollock, Rothko and Monet all at once. What a marvellous little seat that is [here].

Plan 2 doesn't really count: this has been on my list of 'Things to do when in Berlin' for years... somehow that list always shrinks into 'meeting people', but nonetheless, I'll try again.

Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner - Print graphics in colour
Exhibition, Bruecke Museum Berlin

One of E-L Kirchner's woodcuts made it on the cover of my printmaking journal. So, as an intro to some discussion on organising the writing around the printmaking course, here's the cover for starters. And I'll tell you in ten days whether or not I made it to the museum this time round.

Well... a woodcut by Ernst-Ludwig Kirchner,
any details: currently in transit to my tutor


Casey Klahn said...

Have fun!

Gesa said...

Thanks, Casey... yes, fun was had :)