Wednesday, 19 November 2008

In darkness

I want a daylight lamp - or at least light bulb! It's too dark for my pastels, and any photoshopping to compensate just ends up with wonky hues.

I did some slightly larger experiments with that horizon wilderness. Figured that I'd need to wait for daylight for any photos, figured that I still had some photos on my camera from earlier, figured that they are about work, well: the way to work. Thought of Steph's Penshaw Monument, how it sits solidly against the sky; thought how that burnt out building next to work now sits solidly against the sky - bought up by developers to be turned into luxury flats, it was awaiting development. It burnt down instead. Spectactularly, a week ago tonight. Now I walk past it every day to work. I think I need to take my sketchbook along soon, at least. Maybe even a block of lino?

God.... a long line of wonky thoughts and it's only halfway through the week...

But: here's some images. A bit of music too - that's work-related too, but more in a roundabout, tangential way.

Pastel wilderness tomorrow, the day after or the day after the day after.


Yellow said...

Having finally caught up with reading your blog, I'm awe struck. The pastels have such strength, and the texture of the prepared pumice canvases add hugely to the way the pastel adheres and misses in places. While you said to Csey that they are not your usual style, they're totally you, flicking through Etsy you can see the continuity that is only you.
Working pastels with water, thanks for the tip.

Gesa said...

Steph... lol... part of that STRENGTH is my software rigging... watch out for my confession on cheating - the pink is more of a purple :( - I discovered it this morning when there was daylight and sunshine outside.

Yes - I like the hollows in the board too - I did a bit more work on some of them, smoothed some of the gaps and added a bit more colour. I feel it's a fine line for making the board work for the painting or it standing in its way. In particular on the small scale it easily is the latter.

GH as continuity... lol again... yes/no/mibbe: I think the colour intensity in such a small space isn't somehting I've done before; and: REDS/vibrant PURPLEs I haven't used much as fields before - usually as highlights, or the muted purpley greys as neutrals. But yes too, to some of the continuities...