Sunday, 22 March 2009

A bit of cheese...

A swan at take off
while I was after the trees, roots and waterline
on the opposite river bank,

at Balloch, where else?!

Have this for a Sunday morning, happy Vorfreude cheese...

I'll be off to Balloch again soon, with H. to do some more sketching, and trying out monoprinting on the river shores. In good style, Scottish weather is having a Scotland day: dreich, the odd shower, but not to worry: by now I know the best coffee spot in Balloch.

At breakfast, the radio played these two in a row:

And there I was: with two out of four favourite albums for holiday car trips with R. - I need to remind her to bring her driving license when she'll meet me in Santiago in just over a week's time. I had also splashed out on a couple of more pastel sticks... three in fact. One a trusted favourite mid-value grey purple, then a red earth which is possibly rather close to the one that Casey uses in his Hoquiam River Series, and something rather strange: Unison's Blue Violet 3, phew... candystick pastel colour. Gosh - my thinking: clear skies make everything sparkle, how about a bit of light violet among the sparkles. Na, let's wait and see if it that will work.

In any case: I opened my Chile sketchbook. With a very unambitious first page pastel scumble colour test. I really don't like the first new page anticipation anxiety. So, this is decidedly and exquisitly ignoring that pressure. It'll be good pages only from now on.

I'm curious to see what palette I will eventually end up with.

Thanks for all the good travel wishes! It'll be work for week one, holidays from there on. I've played with Blogger's mobile blogging setup, but I think my mobile phone bill doesn't like the idea, so, I hope to find something for getting pics into posts and otherwise I may entertain with a few posts on the fields in Northwest Germany for a change (a bit of locational confusion never does any harm, I feel). I'll be making a final decision on my monotype setup after today: maybe acrylics with retarder would work, too? Easier cleanup...

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