Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Postcard 2: El mar

Valparaiso, La Sebastiana
Outside Neruda´s Window in Valparaíso

El mar

El océano Pacifico se salía del mapa!
No había dónde ponerlo. Era tan grande,
desordenado y azul que no cabía en ninguna parte.
Por eso lo dejaron frente a mí ventana.

Pablo Neruda. La Sebastiana, Valparaíso, Chile

The sea
The Pacific ocean left the map!
They didn´t know where to put it. It was that large,
disorderly and blue that it wouldn´t stay in any part.
Therefore they left it outside my window.

Or something similar to that effect
On Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso
We spent the weekend in Valparaíso - M, another place I am sure you would love: a disorderly, dishevelled port town (a robbing for free was included, unfortunately). With old rickety lifts going up the hillside - there was a bit gentrification going on there, alongside some proper social struggles over their public spaces, graffiti and fantastic views of houses, electricity cables and beyond all: the Pacific in all its disorderly beauty.
Next: Ruta 5 Al Norte (aka The Panamericana).
Postcard 1 also doubles up as postcard for M. :)
The Harbour, Valparaíso


Anonymous said...

Gesa the photo of the harbour is stunning. The light is so lovely. But how sad about the robbery...

Cathy said...

The 3 photos are breathtaking!!!!

Jala Pfaff said...

A pickpocketing or two is a must-do when in Latin America. Glad you're OK. :)

If it makes you feel any better, Chiloe''s weather is like that almost always. Did it remind you of Scotland?

Gesa said...

The lights works really well--- IRL even better, would you believe it ;)
Yes - having S relieved of her bag inclusive of all identification was really not good. Even worse was the 40hrs it cost her at the Embassy and on the phone to sort it out... but part of that is part of the territory, I suppose, the rest a bit of stupidity :(
Jala - I wouldn´t mind that weather, but R wants something warmer (though only a bit as yesterday´s pre-Cordillera up North was too hot)... :)

Lindsay said...

sigh...to be in Naruda land. Thanks for the arm chair traveling.