Saturday, 23 May 2009

Eldon Group exhibition: Fancy a virtual tour?

Come along and have a look.

All went well and was also very good fun. About 40 people turned up on Wednesday evening and it was very relaxed and enjoyable. Each one of us with something to sell sold at least one piece at the opening, and the feedback we've been getting since has been very positive.

My favourite piece?

Memories of a Day on the Fife Coast by Chris Turpie
Memories of the Fife Coast by Chris Turpie
Oil on Canvas, 36x26ins


Anonymous said...

Gesa the exhibition looks great. I recognise those prints :-)
There's one work that really stands out for me - I think it's a pastel. Good thing I'm too far away to do any shopping! And well done on the sales, that's got to feel great.

Anonymous said...

now you have to leave a price for each painting and i can decide if i can afford one of them!

beautiful paintings.

Anonymous said...

love your field lines.

Gesa said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your comments. There's a price list in the slideshow set - if you can decipher it. But for the fieldlines it's easy: that's for sale in the Etsy shop too :)

Thank you, Cath, too! Hanging, and deciding how to hang was a great learning experience: to mix them all up by subject and artist and weave a story by tone. The slide show is in the hanging order. I know what you mean about 'the luck of distance' - mine is usually the 'lack of hanging space' - if I had more space in my flat, the memories of fife would be there, no questions asks. But (un)luckily I don't :)