Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Print Project 3_1 aka Fields: done....

Fields, 25x20cm
6-layer reduction lino cut on Japanese Paper


Lindsay said...

I was sad to see your love and loss post. I think this will be like the brick and morter store closings we see so often now. Cyber equivelent.

This is just lovely. The directional lines in the cuts really contribute to the piece.

I wonder if we will see more work from your recent trip?

Yellow said...

Ohh, wow.

Gesa said...

Hm... Lindsay... then again, stuff changes and people move on... part of the cyber stuff is the one of not knowing what's behind it. i think i appreciate that stuff changes and e.g. the reasons for having an online presence change and it may not be the best way to pursue something any longer.

Thanks - I tried to develop the directional lines in both positive and negative marks - to see how they work; and sticking with six layers on this one helped enormously to understand some of hte complexities of varied marks.

There could be a lot more subtlety in terms of the colourway but it's getting to the point that I mucked up a fair number of the print run in terms of poor registration.

Steph - how good to see you again and many thanks for the lovely Etsy surprise too :) It'll be on its way to you soon.

Lindsay: Chile art - I would love too - the oil stuff is developing but really into abstraction. Which I do like; I would like to do something with the lines of the field along the road; hm... but I think the next printmaking piece will be something about the moon and the cordillera.