Monday, 4 May 2009

Love and loss in 0s and 1s

Elqui Valle 1, WIP, Detail
Oil on canvas, 80x70cm

One of my favourite blogs disappeared. It disappeared after infrequent posting over the past few months and then just a simple Goodbye message flickered up on my sidebar. Neda's Papiers Coll├ęs was a true find when I stumbled upon in over a year ago. Her collages get to the bits of personmaking that I admire greatly but don't have a clue of what to do with it just yet - I also simply lack the guts of putting that stuff into art. They opened up a view onto collage as medium and emotions as subject matter which thrilled me. Now, they are gone and the website is vacant.

But: the feed is still circulating - don't know how and why - but you should be able to find it with a feedreader. []

Hm... thinking about it... it's ghosting now... resonating around cyberspace. How long, I wonder?

It's this strange business of doing stuff with people over a distance. And how to maintain, develop, move on and let go. Quite a few of blogs I discovered early on have disappeared by now. When it happened to the first one, I sent a concerned email after a while and the reply I got made me feel that I overstepped the mark of interaction amongst strangers. So, I won't send Neda an email; but I do wish her all the best and hope that's it's for good reasons that her blog is gone. Thanks for all those beautiful collages!

And, while I was away, both Casey and Jala made a wee pass at my blog - thank you, you two. It's thoroughly appreciated, even if I have been so slow in acknowledging it. Let's see where I can pass it on to.

... now that I've introduced ghosts, I will sit down and write up some of my persistent thoughts on this, this may take a while... - M., I think you may know what may be coming next...


Anonymous said...

Friendship across space or something else - passing acquantance maybe? It's hard to know huh? It's easy to feel you know someone when really all you know is the small part of themselves they're making public. I'm always sad when I see a great blog disappear, and hope the person is okay.

Jala Pfaff said...

There's something so melancholy about the idea of an abandoned blog floating silently out in cyberspace forever after...

I personally would be honored if someone cared enough to ask why I'd suddenly stopped blogging.

Marvelous print work!

Gesa said...

Cath - yes, exactly. It's intriguing in terms of the stuff we tell and the stuff we don't tell and also all that there is that cannot be told.

Jala - melancholy, yes! It occurred to me when I was writing the post too. Yes, I probably agree with the 'good to be asked' point, I don't have any other contact details of her - I very much lurked on that one.

Thanks for the compliment on the prints!