Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunny Sunday

... follows from Silent Saturday that was also Blistery, Rainy and Thundery Saturday aka Have a Scotland Day in Berlin.

When we sat underneath the sun cover that was temporarily (and not very well) providing rain shelter, J laughed: 'You brought your weather with you, haven't you.' - How right he was. Hehehe... and I also brought the glorious sunlight that comes with, or rather after, a rainshower. He noticed that too.

So, one of the tasks for while here is to draw and paint the rain and thunder... This is something I haven't succeeded in so far.

But: a few days ago my windows to the West promised a fantastic evening sky.

Thursday evening, westwards
Thursday evening, westwards, 9pm
Pastel in A4 Moleskine

And guess what: they far exceeded on their promise, with this 15 minutes later.

Thursday evening, westwards
Thursday evening, westwards, 9.15pm
Pastel in A4 Moleskine


Brian McGurgan said...

I like the immediacy of these drawings, Gesa, and the strokes of soft pastel on smooth Moleskine paper really appeals to me. Is this the same pastel kit you took with you to Chile or a bigger collection of soft pastels?

Gesa said...

Hi Brian - yes, I like the large Moleys a lot myself. Since I started with larger sketchbooks I've been missing the Moleskine paper and it's delightful for pastels - so very different to the board I usually use.

The pastel kit is more extensive than in Chile - I kept most of the Chile sticks and added a lot more earth, green and red/orangey hues; plus some more blue violett (I think). I was rather short on earth colours in Chile, but that didn't do any harm I think. But now most of the sticks are very small. I need to investigate adding to them.

Thank you!