Saturday, 3 October 2009

I never said...

... much more about the OCA Printmaking course. And that wasn't for the fact that it wasn't happening, only other things took over.

But when I came back, I had received back the comments from my tutor for the third assignment: it included the Fieldlines Reduction print, and various other pieces to try out different surfaces and different tools.

So, I printed with clay, styrofoam, hardboard, strips of lino and other vinyl surfaces. Used saws, hammers, screws and knives to make some marks. I did all that in May/June, over a number of weeks and was concentrated enough to build a nice wee register of experience: what tools do what on what surface but also more systematic trying out of different papers to print on, different applications of the ink and taking the print.

These are some of the prints I really enjoyed. The techniques and the marks are stored away for future use: Assignment 5 will be a series of different prints combining various techniques, tools and materials.

PP3_1 Testprint
Untitled 1, lino print on printing paper, A4
Mixed white layer overprinted on mixed black layer,
Marks with screws, sidecutter and potato peeler
What effective fog this technique produces... so much can disappear in here...

PP3_3 Untitled Blue and Red
Untitled Blue and red, 20x15cm, relief print on printing paper
the plate is styrofoam, marked with sidecutter, overprinting,
On different paper, it resulted in a shiny, metallic top layer

PP3_3 La luna y la Cordillera 1
La luna y la Cordillera 1, Relief print, 20x15cm
Various plates, incl. lino, clay and foamboard;
Various marks, incl. saw, potato peeler and sidecutter.
Remember the full moon/sunset beauty in Chile?

Now: the next assignment is on collagraphs, I'm in two minds whether to start and try to finish in October, or to postpone it amidst all the hassle. But the hassle looks like a bit of a walk in the park, so...

BTW: the OCA now also offers a Printmaking 2 course. How exciting... I am tempted. And may end up getting an Art Degree in the end?

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