Friday, 30 October 2009


... not really in the habit of doing that, but let's try.

I'm off for the weekend. A long overdue one with plenty of coffee with M. One of the other Ms said: what is it you want to do before you're off? I had been to the sea, I wanted a gig at Barrowlands - unfortunately missed Camera Obscura last night (sorry! M - did not manage to track a ticket down), and I wanted Loch Rannoch, the Moors and Schihallion. That's for this weekend now. With a forecast of continuous rain. So it'll be M in the car with coffee and cigarette while I do my best tourist impression of running around through the rain and the wind, with a bit of paper and a watersoluble graphite.

The last time I saw Schihallion in the distance, it was at K's birthday party in Glen Coe - a long time ago. But she and I talked about it on Wednesday. So many good things...

I did a sketch at that weekend. It's three years old and in the first sketchbook. I think this weekend's sketches will look rather different. Interesting.

Rannoch Moor towards Schihallion, graphite in Moleskine

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