Sunday, 11 October 2009

Taking precedence...

... I was going to entertain you with a bit more on type dynamics, but then this was far more urgent and - frankly - far more entertaining, too... at least for me, perhaps for you?

Another visit to the sea. This may well be the last I sea of the West of Scotland coast for some time, but this morning, after having been far too tired for anything yesterday I decided to go to Troon again. Less than an hour on the train and a long sandy beach.

It was warm(ish) sunny, overcast to sunny and breezy. Well: on the beach it was VERY windy. But great: the sun was out, the tide was out too and so I had a fantastic walk, took lots of photos and thoroughly enjoyed my new music additions.

You wanna watch?

Switch the music on and here's Troon South Beach on a  sunny October Sunday.



And you know what? Change is here.

My job finishes in a week's time, next year at this time I will hopefully be a Fine Arts student in Berlin. And in the meantime I'll do assorted this and that, here and there - so, the blog will change a bit: I'll be putting more politics and research stuff into this too. No need to separate out all these parts any longer.

It makes breathing so much easier. It also is making my head so much lighter.

Happiness? This, here and now. Grin... Can you see it?


Anonymous said...

Fine arts in Berlin? Great news, Gesa---congratulations! You are clearly up to the challenge, and I hope you will continue to blog your experiments and thoughts about art. I have always enjoyed dropping by to see what you're up to.

Cate in Dundee

Anonymous said...

Wow a Fine art Student!
As one who has done the journey as a mature student I will follow you with interest and wish you the very best of luck with your studies.

Gesa said...

Hi and cheers! They have to offer me a place first, though... but that's to be figured out as it goes along (plans b-e exist, too).

Yes, Cate, I think the blog is here to stay for a bit; just need to figure out how to include diversity (three-column template, e.g.).

Thanks for your good wishes :)