Monday, 7 July 2008

And another box...

... this time, my old and battered drawing box.

In fact, I had already made a new, larger one several months back as this was becoming severely undone. Yesterday, it occurred to me that I could use my collage skills to save this one. It's old, a cardboard box made when I was 17 or so, it has for the recent years enjoyed a lot of traveling as my drawing tool collection. So, on went some collage.

Also, I decided that my watersoluble Neocolour sticks are unnecessarily large. If I broke them into half, I figured, I could have two for one. The way I use them is really as replacement for watercolour - a light smudge of them, then some water and that's all the colour reference I need. I updated my collection to include some hansa yellow and red earth. I found they actually mix pretty well, so the 10 or so sticks I have get me pretty much wherever my colour eyes take me.

Now, with only half the stick length there is even some space left, so I'll make sure I get another watersoluble graphite stick (slightly harder than the 6B I already have) and I put some of the ink pens

Ink is something I tend to avoid when drawing: too definite and solid. But I think that's plenty of reason to take them along for the fun. I also figured I will only need a putty rubber rather than another standard one. Into the box too go alongside a couple standard pencils (HB, 2B and 4B), a waterbrush (to work with the graphite and the neo ii), a small blade and a sharpener.

Great... next come the oils, but with them I already now what to take. Paper, paper, board remains...


IzzieIzPink said...

OMG. I stumbled upon your blog and I immediately fell in love and I'm not even creatively inclined! But my mother is an undiscovered artist who also has a blog. Please visit her site. ( Her work and what she has to say is truly amazing! From what I've read on your blog, I can tell that she'd enjoy hearing from you!

Chris Bellinger said...

Ah my friens the watersolouble crayons, I think they will do very well. I also use a edding 55 which is watersoluble and you can wet it
I also have and use the Royal Langiickell watercontainer type brush. pental do them as well but you have to grab them when you see them!
have a dood trip . do me a qick sketch!

Artists With Artitude said...

How lovely of you to visit my blog :)

I will be visiting frequently, so much to learn! Lovely blog .

Lindsay said...

I love seeing the kit other artist's pack. Glad you saved the box. I'm an avid box collector. And less is deff more for me!!