Monday, 24 November 2008

And I've been too late... again

... hach... I thought I was doing rather well with my planning for next year. I had sent an email early last week to book a place on a painting course with David Tress. Not only that gloriously abstract landscape mixed media oil fest to look forward to. But up in the far North West. In Assynt in early autumn. Yummy. I haven't been there for far too long. So that combination would have been wonderful.

But: no luck, again, the course is booked up. I've made it to the top of the waiting list (and may be in luck in 2010), but that is just too little consolation.

Similarly too slow was I with this week's music fest. Two fabulous choices - for Wednesday and Friday; Friday was preferred, but when it was finally clear that I couldn't go because of work I searched for tickets for Wednesday. None left!

So, here's a bit of what I'll miss on Wednesday; well displeased...

As you see, I., Henry Lee made it here, rather than into your inbox.

Have a look at David Tress's website for what I'll be missing next September.


vivien said...

oh wow! I didn't know David Tress did painting courses - I love love love his work, that would be amazing.

Gesa said...

yes... he does... and if you're quick, you may get on the waiting list with me... look for north west highlands art and you'll find it.