Monday, 3 November 2008

One for the road

... not quite yet, but soon... (36 hrs and counting) so while my radio is playing the Killers live at Royal Albert Hall, I am in eager Vorfreude and am thinking of

This one on the train between Wolfsburg and Berlin (well: that's usually on the way back TO the airport ;)) :

Always good.

Tried and tested as part of R. and my road movie soundtrack is some more. But: this definitely works better along the Scottish West Coast than in rural Shropshire.


Bensa said...

Honey, thank you for the music! Great discovery tonight when I needed more than I had here... Kisses from J.!

Gesa said...

always and ever, dear... you know how i value the rare moments that our music tastes resonate. ;)(mix tapes forever!)
but they are definitely for listening while driving - or at least walking fast... doesn't work as eye candy in the slightest i discovered.