Thursday, 19 February 2009

Goodbye and hello

I am feeling rather smug. Not only did I sell my first painting via Etsy to a stranger a couple of weeks back, but it has now arrived in Alabama and has found a happy new owner (phew, was I worried about my photos and the postal service!). Yesterday I received a phone call from another stranger who wanted to buy one of my framed study plains as a birthday present.

Study Plains 2_1
Study Plains, 2_1, 18x12cm (framed 35x25cm)
Gouache on Board by Gesa Helms

Cornfields #2 Final
Corn in late summer, 45x35cm
Pastel on board,

And, now I am officially in profit: the costs of the framing odyssey last summer are finally paid off. So, rather quickly, I welcomed a new necklace to my collection. Goodbye and hello. There you go.

Tight Twist Pendant by Chris Lewis.
Now mine :)

A little PS: I needed (!) to add a picture of the study plains framed. They looks so different that way:

The fields all together


Lindsay said...

Great news! Congrats to you. May it be the first of many sales.

Anonymous said...

Good on you. Love the new pendant. And I can see why someone would want to gift a study plain - lovely :-)

Brian McGurgan said...

Congratulations, Gesa - that's great news. I like the study a lot with its rich color and great sense of distance. It will great framed and on someone's wall.

Jala Pfaff said...

Awesome work, and congratulations!

Gesa said...

Cheers, everyone. The studies were all really small, but it was a good exercise in exploring composition and playing with the picture plane. And: they do look great framed :)