Thursday, 5 February 2009

I am wrapping my arms...

M. had stayed at mine to catch an early flight and left an hour ago for a weekend in NYC... As I'm writing I so wish I could go too, and hope that no Schneegestoeber will stand in her way of getting there.

Well, and as we were drinking coffee, this was on the radio.

I heard it a few times before, was kept updated by my other friend M. on the words on the street of this latest offering by Morrissey. While generally being a bit hesitant about it, I listened to the lines more carefully, and grinned no end.

Yes - while he may be wrapping his arms around Paris, I envy M. for doing that with New York over the next days and am enjoying doing this a bit more with Glasgow for a little while longer.

But, of course not without changing Moz's line from absence to presence. Which then completely and utterly takes apart one of the key fundamentals of any of his songs. Sorry, cannae help it.

And, yes, ... this here is generally about painting... have a good day!

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