Monday, 2 February 2009

This morning I remembered:


What a wonderful word. I had forgotten about it. It hadn't occurred to me in a long, long time. But when I left the department, there it was. Snowflakes. Thick ones flying everywhere and there was no way of me being able to say where they were going.

So, I told M. But of course, I didn't have an English word for it. We looked out of the window. And there it was: a snow flurry.

Two minutes later: sunny skies and snow flurry. Another two minutes later: all grey and more snow flurries.


You know it when you see it. Even on the Scottish West Coast. Makes a different to the usual rain flurry, I suppose. Well, wait... that's not a weather word either, I think that is just miserable RAIN.

A photo? Just look out of the window.

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