Monday, 16 February 2009

No boat today

... well: none on Saturday is more correct.

Excited about the prospect of some pleasure boating on Loch Lomond in proper Scottish fog, we found the pier closed. So it was a little walk around the proper park instead. And, as luck may have it: I may have found a spot for regular visits.

It's an old and familiar one, indeed. But I hadn't been for a while. I don't think it'll be frequent, frequent but maybe once a month? That may get me somewhere to chime in with my fellow Watermarkers regular sketching/painting spots. So: for the March installment possibly with less fog, more green? Though I rather liked this weather - but I don't think I convinced the other two.

But, have this for the time being:

No boat today, 29x20cm
Soft Pastel on Arches paper


vivien said...

I like this a lot

I too think fog/mist is beautiful to paint and be in

This should be a great spot for revisiting

Gesa said...

Thanks, Vivien. The mist caught me out, though: I left the pale blues and yellow at home. But nonetheless, it's an interesting challenge. I had been thinking about a spot to go to more frequently, and the ones nearby - Kelvin, pond, etc. don't really grab me; but this is a place I love and where I've been so often over the past decade. And it's only 45 min from home and easy to get to.

Jala Pfaff said...

I love the saturated dark red in the bottom left. I was in Scotland once and I don't think I ever got warm once.

Brian McGurgan said...

I like the colors here a lot, too, Gesa - they evoke a really nice mood and sense of atmosphere.

Gesa said...

Thanks, Jala and Brian - when I did it I wasn't too convinced: it didn't quite get the lightness of the fog, but with a bit of distance I see what other things it captured. I'll be going again on Sunday... See what that day may bring :)