Thursday, 29 October 2009

Three in one...

... after the previous post ended up speechless, let me try again.

I am clearing my office.

30kgs of photocopied articles no longer needed.
The way of walking and
Love and loss


Then I went and had my first drink with J, five and a half years overdue as I am leaving. We share the same job title as of soon: he in retirement, me with a beating heart. All the while, the city was dark, it rained on us as we sat covered, shared some tobacco and the ever urgent need for a word that starts with r... the second time today, this came up. Leaving: so many possibilities...

Yes: the scent of the city still gets me. Definitely itchy - my previous threesome was a lie :)

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Jeanette Jobson said...

You should be a writer you know. Beautiful images you paint with words - and images too. But the words leave me with pictures in my head.