Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Happy birthday... three months of Paint & Pastel

I'm a big fan of good birthday celebrations - be it other people's or indeed my own. A few days back I realised that, with the first post written on June 26, it's today - September 26 - that this blog is three months old.

When I started blogging, these first three months were mentioned again and again as the time span in which most blogs will falter and disappear. So, quite pleased with myself and this blog for keeping going - here's a happy birthday, with more proper birthdays hopefully coming up in due course.

I treated myself and the sidebar to a new gagdet - a label cloud based on phydeaux 3's excellent instructions here. The cloud is fairly straightforward to create by editing the HTML template, and offers some good easy tweaks and customisation - e.g. colour, fontsize and most importantly, frequency of mention - mine is currently set to a minimum of two for the label to appear. I still have far too many single use labels to show them all.

With the label cloud, searching the blog for particular items is much simpler than using the blogger search function. The cloud also shows easily the different topics discussed and their frequency.

And of course, by playing successfully with the HTML, I'm a bit closer to internet geekdom :)

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