Thursday, 6 September 2007

Working in sets

I've uploaded some more small pieces to the Etsy shop. Both etsy and ebay feature many small-sized original pieces. The format that is particular popular is that of traditional playing cards - 2.5"x3.5". As Art Cards, Edition and Originals (short ACEO) or Art Trading Cards (ATC), these small works are proving popular as a highly collectible yet inexpensive entry point for people to start buying original art.

I have been doing some ACEOs at various points - both for my sky studies but also as a way of exploring composition, lines and values in potential larger paintings. Now, I've uploaded some of my earlier ones which are of the rooflines, chimneys, angles and tiles of the tenement block opposite mine.

These are done in ink on watercolour paper - if you look at them as a set, you can trace the increasing abstraction of a similar subject: lines and marks have become more and more sparse and in the third one the chimney and its shadow shape is only alluded to.

Set of three ACEOs,
Rooftop impressions #1-3, 2.5x3.5",
ink on paper

There are many interesting ACEOs available on Etsy - if you click here, it should take you to a selection of them

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