Sunday, 16 September 2007

Online photo collections

Continuing to get organised online, I have uploaded more photos to my flickr account. I had slowly started to place some of my landscape reference photos into the first set. And only recently I begun to upload some of my small artworks, too.

Crail, Eastneuk, Fife,
mixed media sketch in Moleskine, 21x14 cm

However, for quite some time I had been thinking of moving more of my photography to a service such as flickr as the one I had previously used with one of my email accounts was rather tiresome and also difficult to grant people access too (if they didn't have an email account with that provider, that is). In any case.... this afternoon's enthusiasm (once I'd cleaned my landing) quickly came to the free account's limit of three sets - and if there's one thing I get irritated by, it is the inability to start with some decent sense of organisation. It is just so much more fun to throw one's rules, plans and conventions overboard rather than not to have any in the first place ;)

So, now I have an account with unlimited sets to create, groups to participate in and photos to upload.

Here are the links to the two artwork sets that I have uploaded so far:

But also, have a look at some of these other people's pages:
They are the flickr accounts of some of the Etsy sellers I have come across recently, and while I've always liked photography not merely as a means of recording but as artwork, it is when I saw the vast collections of some people that I was reminded of the power of photography and the visible in general.

Tara Anderson's With A Twist - Photography and Paperwork

Susannah Conway's Photography

Both of them have made it very quickly onto my favourite items list in etsy - Tara has the cutest paper creations, and Susannah's photography of beach huts, dunes and the South English seaside had me dreaming of a beach holiday.


Chris Bellinger said...

Found your recent blog on flicker interesting, only problem once you let people loose on that site they might forget to go back to yours!
By the way you are now a link on my site but had a major reorgainisation of my site over weekend so links look a bit funny but workable!

Gesa said...

Thanks - hm... I think I just think that they would come back?
Many thanks for the link!!!