Saturday, 22 September 2007

Seasonal gagetry

... dodging the promised painting tutorial, I've been looking for interesting new blogs and in the process came across - a site full of funny, pointless and cute little quizzes.

One of them reminded me of a discussion I had with a friend a few days back. I was mourning the disappearance of summer (which at least here never really was at all - and that is even accounting for the general lack of summer in West Central Scotland) - she insisted that I was an autumn person in any case, so I should look forward to the coming months.

Quite funny, these classifications, aren't they? To be honest, I would have trouble identifying my favourite season - I usually find that once it's time, I usually enjoy it and find plenty good stuff whenever - be it spring, summer, autumn (maybe in wet, windy winters less so).

In relation to art, I've been thinking about different colour palettes for different times, seasons and places - how it took me time to get a sense of the desert in spring palette and more recently the outdoor painting in Scottish summers. Here, the freshness of spring contrasts nicely with the rich red-orange-greens of autumn, late summers. I've also picked up on how the sky is changing in hue and 'feel' as the year moves on.

In any case, back to the light entertainment of blogthings: which easily and decisively settled the question over my seasonality ;)

You Are Fall!

What Season Woman Are You?

I also very much liked and laughed at the following ones:

Which carnival ride are you?

What muse are you?

And, not to forget: a quick way to discover your hidden talent.

Have fun!

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