Monday, 31 March 2008

All my monitor's colours

... had seemed decidedly awry of late. The shadows were far too dark and I seemed to be doing a lot of photoshopping to get back to the brightness I seemed to remember when taking photos.

Some internetting yesterday unearthed a couple of useful tests to check and calibrate the monitor.

Keith Cooper's website, Northlight Images, has a whole range of articles on monitor calibration, and the depth of colour management. I stuck with the simple test to correct for darkness/brightness for the time being [yes, I know, I need some proper colour management for my printer, too - but that's for another day].

Have a look at Keith's article on Monitor calibration here

A simple check, no doubt, and just a recent discussion of my paintings with someone who sees colours decidedly different was fascinating to emphasise the importance of value over hue to determine good compositions. For him, the beauty of Hazy got pretty much lost as it was just a bland mass of too similar values.

From the above website I stumbled across some shareware on calibrating not only brightness/contrast but the individual colour channels for RGB - Hex2Bit, to download from here.

So, while I now see that my monitor at home looks similar to mine at work, but also that I can see all the variations in the test above, it still leaves me wondering about the communicatibility of colours and intersubjectivity - sorry, work morning, and work thoughts to continue...

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