Thursday, 6 March 2008

More wintery siblings

Primaries WIP, oil on canvas,

... to the earlier posted Haze. These two are not quite finished, they are slightly larger in scale (80x70cm) but worked with the same palette.

Little to say about them just now, so: Hello to the Works In Progress of Alongside and Primaries (I even used the thesaurus for some online playtime with titles).

Alongside WIP, oil on canvas,
80x70 cm

The canvas of Primaries was in an earlier life a very mishapen life painting in oil, so I am liking it already much better. These canvasses are not that much larger to the previous ones (80x70 to 65x60) but that extra bit of space is making a huge difference to how it feels - well, both in lugging the canvasses around, but more importantly to the painting process itself.

There's one more of this series - the outsider, ugly duckling and difficult child... will introduce it shortly...


Yellow said...

Alongside WIP works better for me as a landscape. I love the suggestion of the broken, windbattered tree in the foreground. They are both lovely and loose, yet not wishy-washy. How do you do it.

Gesa said...

thanks, steph. seeing that the tree was only a rel late addition, i do like it myself, too. there's something with the fields of the other one that makes it my current favourite, though.

Yellow said...

Help, I'm trying to buy one of your pieces on etsy, but my email address has underscores. Is there any other way to buy it? It's Autumn Skies (looks like a large red roof in the foreground).