Friday, 4 July 2008

Head in the clouds

... or rather hillslopes in clouds.

Lessenings 10_2 (Past Arrochar),
Graphite and pencil in Moleskine, 21x13cm

The image doesn't quite fit, though, but you've certainly noticed that I'm barely here, there or elsewhere. Once the exhibition was running, work bit back with a vengeance and I've been running around trying to finish things up before the magical Friday 11 July when I will be away from Glasgow for a good number of weeks. Holidays and work away from the office are terribly good things to look forward to, but more importantly to have them actually happening.

In the meantime, I have been doing some more sketching while travelling. There is something extraordinarily soothing about it: the necessity to simplify - by virtue of movement - to just a couple of lines and marks. It's about marks and composition, like these two done last weekend on the coach from Glasgow to Inveraray for a Saturday outing with fish and chips at the harbour, a bit of walking through wet summer meadows amongst sheep and cows, a bit of boatwatching and a bit of pub grub and cider in the afternoon.

So, while I've got my head in the clouds or elsewhere, please bear with me. If not here, then elsewhere.

Lessenings 10_1 (Across Loch Long),
Graphite and pencil in Moleskine, 21x13cm


Chris Bellinger said...

Its a bit like taking a pencil for awalk!

Gesa said...

Taking a pencil for a walk... what a nice image for these sketches. Cheers, Chris!