Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Postcard 10: and the new top of the list

Araucaria tree

It´s been difficult to beat Valle Elquí on my Top Days in Chile list, but yesterday just squeezed past it.

I am adding ancient beautiful forests to my top deciding factors for choosing holiday destinations in future.

Why? Have a look:

Parque Nacional Huerquehue. After 3 hrs steep uphill there we were in the middle of an ancient forest full of Araucaria trees and still lakes, noisy colourfull birds. And they all didn´t bother with our presence in the middle of them.

... and do ignore the bad whistling on the video... that´s no chucaos


Casey Klahn said...

Your pastels of your trip are striking in their color! You must have taken a great kit!

These trees are exactly like my home - really big. In fact, anything smaller, to me, isn't really a tree - they affect one so much.

Chile sounds beautiful.

Gesa said...

Thanks, Casey!
Yes - they worked really well. Will take a picture of them, it was quite a few - about 30 or so, which for my outdoor kit is rather luxurious. But values and hues worked well, and some of the sparkly ones (purple, cadmiums and a turqouise, along with the blues) were incredibly useful.

Will upload photos and sketches once I've arrived properly


Yes - I very much get your comments on trees... there are a lot of beautiful woods around where I grew up, but they don't tend to be neither old nor terribly wild - in fact, much is planted (mix of coniferous and the others for which I can never remember the word). They are beautiful, light and airy - but nothing compared to Huerquehue!