Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Postcard 9: our personal house mountain

Volcan Villarica, de Huerquehue
Volcáno Villarica, viewed from Huerquehue

Volcáno Villarica has been greeting us every time we look out of our window from Sunday onwards.

It is so clicheed that it yet has escaped my sketchbook, but photos are ok, I feel.

It´s rather beautiful, don´t you think so? It has a steady little plume of gases rising from its top; the town has a green line for evacuations in case of vulcanic emergencies, and it´s all very touristy. But thankfully, most of them are gone and once you´re out of town you have lakes with white and black beaches all to yourself.

... Sorry, no sketches today, I forgot to take photos of them...

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