Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Postcard 4: ¡Digame que quieras, chica!

Y, la chica dijo: ¡Todos! Pero la cosa la mas importante es Saturno y sus círculos.

Que suerte erá ella: el solo planeto que puvemos ver ayer era saturno... con sus círculos. Y la luna. Una luna casí llena. ¡Que linda!



The observatory was on my wishlist. R was fantasising about the rings of Saturn, in the clearest night sky on earth: Elquí Valley. And, just below almost full moon, she got it. How lucky she was. Tomorrow it will be penguins and delphins for her.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the moon the most fascinating thing? Love it. But full moon makes me so wakeful...

Gesa said...

:) yes - how true! and it got even more fuller last night and tonight. wow: a rising moon above the cordilleras... how super fabuloso!