Monday, 6 April 2009

Postcard 5: ¿El valle lo mas lindo de Chile?

¡Elquí Valle! ¡Claro!

... I think I´ll be slotting the days in as they happened, seeing that it is now Saturday and we are already 1000 kms further south.

So: Monday 6 April, we went to the Elquí Valley. Rura, rural, RURAL. Narrow, narrow, NARROW. The most fascinating contrast between densely cultivated vineyards and orchards on the valley´s bottom and the Cordilleras rising steep and bleak up to the sky.

Something like this:

Tres Cruces, Elquí Valle
Tres Cruces, Elquí Valle,
Pastel on board, 35x25cm

Pisco Elquí, Elquí Valle
Pisco Elquí, Elquí Valle,
Pastel on board, 35x25cm

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