Sunday, 12 April 2009

Postcard 8: and now into autumn

... as you may have noticed, it is Saturday evening and I have access to a computer again. Postcards are written, pictures are uploaded and we are sampling yet another very good Chilean red wine while the rest of Temuco is having a rather quiet fería for the Semana Santa.

After a brief stop in Santiago on Thursday night with two very nice people we met in the tiny boat on the Pacific while watching dolphins we drove some 1000 kms further south and suddenly we´re from desert heat in northern Germany or even South Sweden - plus some rather exotic plants, a few vulcanoes and the rather uninspiring Chilean cuisine which stays with us. R has been faithful to at least one empanada a day, I´ve abstaind from seafood for two days now (replaced with beef and plenty of avocado and tomato plus the current highlight: Merken, a very smokey very hot chili sauce which goes with everything and turns the blandest bread into something exciting... and, wow, can bread be bland).

So, I´ve made a couple of actual postcards on the bus journey south. They look surprisingly like the fields around my parent´s house, so I thought, some of my German friends may get them.

Sorry ;) (not really!)

South of Chillan
South of Chillán,
Pastel on handmade paper,
15x10cm each


Jala Pfaff said...

I love these.

I'm tagging you on my today's post, by the way. :)

Brian McGurgan said...

These are beautiful, Gesa, I like the simple compositions on handmade paper very much. The wildlife and scenery there must be stunning. You're doing a great job of focusing in on subjects despite the no doubt overwhelming quality of visual stimuli around you.

Gesa said...

Thank you, you two.... Thanks for the tag, too, Jala... will check it out with more time once back.
Brian: yes, overwhelming. Even though we´ve really just been to two regions, I find the change in landscape, heat and atmosphere quite challenging to translate into pieces. Will let it settle while filling my sketchbook...
The paper has been a bit of a let down though: too rough for the pastel, needs more rubbing than I personally like :)