Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Away with the swans

While I'm at it, I can just throw in a few more random thoughts on The Swan.

There's this song, for example:

... I think my clear favourite on the album.

M. told me about the imagery of the swan. Since then it hasn't left me. I think we must have talked about it after my discovery of Mallarme's swan. Or was it before?

The swan as it glides all gracefully over the still water. Neck held high, all silent, all calm.

And, yet, underneath the water the feet are moving fast and faster and faster still. Helplessly, in panic so as to keep moving still and gracefully above the water, the neck held high.

Along with the snake fights, I've seen so many swans of late. It's clearly gendered. Some men fight snakes and some women glide swan-like across the lake.

Well... that's what you get when ponds are still and deep and surfaces so still. Never knowing what's underneath, heh?!

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