Monday, 8 June 2009

Let's disappear with Turner

JMW Turner, Venice with the Salute, c1844
Oil on Canvas, Tate Britain

How about into this piece of art?

As the lady next to us said: 'You can't possibly see what's in that'.

Or can you?

And in a blink, he, it and I are gone. Nowhere to be found.



Anonymous said...

Gesa, I'm glad you made it to the Turner show---hope you enjoyed it! I overheard one excited viewer commenting about this painting: "It's beyond Impressionism---it's almost Minimalism!" He's right. Those late Turners would be at home in any gallery of contemporary art.

Cate in Dundee

Pat said...

Ok, I jealous. I love Turner. Thanks for your post.

Gesa said...

Yes - I very much agree Cate, and thanks so much for the poke towards Edinburgh. I'm very glad I went and saw these ones. Once I started to overlook the umbrellas, dresses and people in the earlier ones I could enjoy them much more too. It is so interesting how he moves through and outside convention throughout his life. Very interest.
Hello and thank you, Pat - sorry for the slowness in commenting back :)